Life is composed of stories which connect us and build relationships. Stories about where we come from, where we are or where we are going that, in the end, define our world and helps us to understand who we are. Because it is through stories that we transmit the experiences and emotions that inspire, change and move us.

I love telling and documenting non fiction stories, and digital storytelling offers us the possibility to do so via its own language, a language that mixes text, image, video and interactive resources in a web context. This multimedia language is accessible from any connected device, be it a computer, tablet or mobile, and thanks to the advantages offered to us by the web, it is more interactive, participative and social.



It is with compromise and proximity that I conceptualize, produce and develop non fiction multimedia narrative projects. Together with creativity, a passion for documenting stories and the possibilities provided by audiovisual and web languages:

  • Compromise

  • Proximity

  • Creativity

  • Passion

  • Audiovisual

  • Web



Master in Innovation and Quality Television (UPF, UAB, TVC) and Bachelor in Media Studies, specialization: Audiovisual Communication (UAB), I have 8 years of profesional experience. You can take a look to my portfolio to see examples of projects developed or in progress.


Albert is not only a highly creative and rigourous professional in the field of audiovisual, multimedia and elearning, his understanding of the end-user and the project constraints makes him a real gem.
Margarida Romero
Professor of Educational Technology
Albert is a good multimedia and content specialist with excellent skills on new technologies and media sector. He has demonstrated a high level of hardworking and an excellent leader in any task that requires teamwork. I would like to highlight his constancy and honesty, his marked determination and his skills to define goals to achieve and to establish means to overcome them.
Carles Llorens
Vicedean of Innovation, UAB Faculty of Communication